About Wingflow

We Develop Intelligent Solutions for Sustainable Growth

As an innovative chemical company Wingflow AG makes important contributions to improve the quality of life worldwide. We develop and offer solutions that create added value and sustainable growth.

Our business areas are:

SiO2 Processing

We Offer Professional Solutions in the Fields of Microfluidic Technology and SiO2 Processing

Our focus is on the development and manufacturing of unique equipment for chemistry and pharmacy. Thanks to the experienced and competent team, we create customized technological and technical solutions.

Microfluidic Systems for Laboratories

We develop and produce microfluidic systems for laboratories. The microreaction equipment for laboratories are Qmix and Wmix.

Microfluidic Systems for Pilot and Production Plants

Based on the knowledge gained from laboratory scale, we offer upscaling and manufacturing of pilot and production plants.

Special Equipment for SiO2 Processing

We develop and manufacture equipment for the production of liquid sodium silicate, silica sols and micronized silica gels.

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Our Main Applications Fields

Chemistry and Pharmacy

Microfluidics has long played a significant role in chemical synthesis and analysis, as well as materials science. In particular, microfluidics has impacted materials fabrication considerably as it facilitates the controlled generation and manipulation of fluid templates that can be converted to a range of solid materials with microscale geometrical features.

Medicine and Biology

Within the last years there has been rapid and continuing growth of the application of microfluidics in biology and bioengineering, with long-ranging implications in healthcare and medicine. Microfluidic methods can be used in cell culture and for studying cellular interactions, as well as the applications of these approaches in cancer studies, immunology, and stem cell research.

We Are Trusted Microfluidic Experts

Continuous Flow Synthesis of API

Continuous flow microfluidic has the potential to greatly improve efficiency in the synthesis of most active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).

Continuous Flow Encapsulation of API

Microfluidic encapsulation has long been recogni-zed as a way of improving the uptake and release of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).

Microfluidic Enrichment & Isolation of CTC

Microfluidic technology is increasingly used for isolation, identification and characterization of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC).


Organ-on-chip is a micro-scale system used for mimicking the human body environment by human tissue models for disease modeling and drug testing.


Lab-on-chip is a class of device that integrates and automates multiple laboratory techniques into a system that fits on a small microfluidic chip.


Microfluidics technology offers unique opportunities to automate IVF procedures, reduce stress imposed upon gametes and embryos, and minimize the operator-to-operator variability.