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Microfluidic Technology

Engineering and Manufacturing of Microfluidic Systems

Wingflow offers the development, design and manufacturing of systems and components for a completely new way in chemical synthesis - the technology of continuous microreactors. 

We offer complete solutions for the development of new synthetic routes in microreactors at laboratory scale (Qmix series, Wmix series), as well as implementation of microreaction technology at pilot and production scale (CombiFlow series, ProFlow series).

We also provide unique microfluidic systems for biological and medical applications (organ-on-chip, lab-on-chip, CTC-on-chip).

Processing of Silica

Engineering and Manufacturing of Silica Processing Plants

Wingflow implements new approaches in manufacturing processes for specialities based on SiO2. The process chain is implemented from the choice of raw materials manufacture of silicates to the production of silica sols and silica gels. Thereby specialized and customized products are achieved with unique properties and quality.

We offer engineering and installation of single step units to turnkey manufacturing plants. Also, upgrading and retrofitting are in our service portfolio. 

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