Engineering and Manufacturing of Microfluidic Systems


Wingflow specializes in the development and production of special equipment for microfluidics. The delivery program includes standard and customized systems for laboratories as well as equipment for pilot and production scale. Components produced by Wingflow and partner companies are engineered and upscaled into new and existing turnkey systems. The design and assembly of the pilot plants are based on findings from laboratory-scale experiments supervised by Wingflow specialists. In each specific case customer-specific solutions are developed and implemented.

Laboratory Systems
Pilot and Production Systems

Series: Qmix, Wmix

Laboratory Systems
Customer specific designs are avaliable on request.

Series: CombiFlow, ProFlow

Pilot and Production Systems
Customer specific designs are avaliable on request.

Series: Qmix OoC, Wmix IVFoC

Laboratory Systems for Organ-on-a-Chip and In Vitro Fertilization-on-a-Chip

Series: CTCelect

Laboratory Systems for Enrichment and Isolation of Circulating Tumor Cells

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Units of Lab Equipment

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Units of Pilot Equipment

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Installed Industry Plants



Our scope of delivery includes standard chips for various applications as well as customer specific chips that can be customized and manufactured on request.

Glass Chips

Wingflow offers various microfluidic glass reactors for continuous flow mode. This material is ideally suited for a wide range of microfluidic applications, since it is also resistant to difficult environmental influences, and at the same time displays a high degree of biocompatibility. In addition to chips for chemical and pharmaceutical applications, we offer customized glass chips for biomedical purposes (organ-on-a-chip, lab-on-a-chip, IVF-on-a-chip).

Droplet Chips T SERIES

The T series contains sheath flow droplet generation microfluidic chips used e.g. for encapsulation of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) as well as spherical particle generation. Chips are connected with a chip holder (PEEK, Al are avaliable) or by standard fittings. Customer specific designs are avaliable on request.


The MR-Lab series consists of Micromixer Type S and Type X, Microreactors Type V and Type VS, Aluminium connecting bar with additional frame for up to 5 reactors and stage clamp. The MR-Lab series is made of borosilicate glass, has no dead volume, is simple to operate and has space-saving in use. They are pressure stable up to 15 bar. Customer specific designs are avaliable on request.


The HTM series microreactors were developed as an experimental platform, the use of which precedes the transmission into larger components, the XXL reactors. HTM components are available with and without heat exchangers (HE). The material is borosilicate glass. Microreactors of the HTM series are stable under pressure up to 20 bar. Customer specific designs are avaliable on request.


The MR-Pilot series permits the implementation of the results investigated in the lab into bigger scales. The MR-Pilot reactors are made from borosilicate glass. The reactors are connected about a connection rail. They are pressure resistant up to 10 bar, higher stability is individually possible on inquiry. Customer specific designs are avaliable on request.


The XXL series permits the large-scale implementation of the results of laboratory research. The reactors with integrated heat exchangers are connected via glass internal screws or hollow screws with clamping ring connection for the thermostat. The borosilicate glass microreactors are stable under pressure up to 20 bar. Customer specific designs are avaliable on request.

Stainless Steel Chips

Wingflow has microfluidic chips made of stainless steel in its delivery program. This material is particularly useful for reactions at high temperatures and high pressures.

WF-LAB SS-Series

The WF-Lab SS series consists of various chips with different capillary structures. The types with mixing and reaction zones are available. The maximum working pressures are from 5 to 200 bar, depending on the version. Customer specific designs are avaliable on request.


The WF-Pilot SS series permits the implementation of the results investigated in the lab into bigger scales. Pilot series stainless steel chips are fitted with thermostats. Depending on the requirements, working pressures are up to 20 bar. Customer specific designs are avaliable on request.


Precise dosing is the key to operation of microfluidic systems. We offer dosing systems for liquids and gases to suit the customer needs.

Syringe Pumps neMESYS

Continuous flow syringe pumps cetoni neMESYS series for biological and medicinal applications.

Syringe Pumps Wmix

Continuous flow syringe pumps Wingflow Wmix series for chemical and pharmaceutical applications.

Gas Compressor Stations

The compact Wingflow gas stations, which are equipped with Haskel compressors and adjustable valves, are used for the safe and continuous dosing of gases.

Mass Flow Controllers

Bronkhorst MINI CORI-FLOW™ series coriolis mass flow meters & controllers are designed for accurate measurement and dosing of gases and liquids.

Main Microfluidic Applications

Main Applications of Our Customers in the Field of Microfluidics

Microfluidic Synthesis

Continuous flow microfluidic has the potential to greatly improve efficiency in the synthesis of most active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Microfluidic Encapsulation

Microfluidic encapsulation has long been recognized as a way of improving the uptake and release of active pharmaceutical ingredients.


Microfluidic technology is increasingly used for isolation, identification and characterization of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC).


Organ-on-chip is a micro-scale system used for mimicking the human body environment by human tissue models for disease modeling and drug testing.


Lab-on-chip is a class of device that integrates and automates multiple laboratory techniques into a system that fits on a small microfluidic chip.


Microfluidic offers unique opportuni-ties to automate IVF procedures, redu-ce stress imposed upon gametes and embryos, and minimize human factor.

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