Engineering and construction of micro reaction systems

Qmix eduFLOSYS

Engineering CombiFlow
CombiFlow Ufa 01
CombiFlow Ufa 02
CombiFlow Gas Station
CombiFlow Ofen
CombiFlow Thermostat
Engineering Qmix
Qmix Казанский Федеральный Университет
Qmix Мосхимфармпрепараты
Qmix Курчатовский Институт
eduFLOSYS Казанский Федеральный Университет
Training FRT in Moscow
Flow Reaction Technology

Wingflow offers development, design and manufacture of systems and components for a completely new way in chemical synthesis - the technology of continuous microreactors.

We offer complete solutions for the development of new synthetic routes in microreactors at laboratory scale (Qmix, eduFLOSYS), as well as implementation of microreaction technology at pilot and production scale (Combi Flow).

Engineering and construction of plants for the processing of amorphous SiO2
  • Diatomit
             Manufacture of:

     - silica

     - sodium silicate

     - silica sol

     - silica gel

Diatomit 02
Diatomit 01
Bentonit 01